Attorney Websites — 28 February 2021
How To Build A Better Business Based Website: Wrap-Up

Over the past couple of months, we’ve discussed many of the fundamental “character traits” of a perfect business website: professional website builders, professional writers, long-tail keywords, long posts with short sentences and simple words (and no passive voice!), formatting to break up complex subjects for mobile platforms, and targeted demographics. But we also discussed the need for synergy after ensuring that every piece of the puzzle is there. What does that mean?

Synergy is an artform, and that’s putting it lightly. We previously made the example that a movie can have a great script, great director, great actors, and a great story and still fall flat without synergy. But here’s the difference between a movie without synergy and a website without synergy — you can cheaply and quickly fix the website. The movie will be released either way. 

Again, professional help will…help. But the onus is still on you. Once the website is built, you still need to make sure customers are landing on the intended pages and that all information on the site is organized efficiently and can be explored easily. The website builders probably offered you a clear navigation system. You can use tags and categories to divide information and appropriate it into the right “bin” so to speak. 

If one of your website navigation menus is “health and you,” then it would probably be inappropriate to write an article about nuclear winter. If the navigation menu is “car accidents,” then it would probably be inappropriate to write an article about former president Donald Trump’s impeachment trial (either one of them). All of the aforementioned rules only work to build you the perfect website if you keep that website organized

Don’t worry too much about screwing up one article. Putting something in the wrong place can be fixed with a few clicks and is unlikely to adversely affect your rankings. Synergy is about organizing everything you achieved — so don’t fall short!

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