Search Engine Optimization — 17 February 2021
How To Build A Better Business Based Website: Part VII

In part six of our series on how to build a better business based website, we discussed the fundamental importance of building a website formatted to be easily digestible on a mobile platform. We’re close to wrapping up our series, but we’re not quite there yet. Today, we’ll discuss the need for high-quality content using specific expertise — which is a subject we’ve only just touched upon.

What do we mean by high-quality content using specific expertise? We mean that the person writing should be an authority on the subject. They need to know what they’re talking about because they’re less likely to make mistakes. Google picks up on mistakes. When you make one — or more than one — your rankings in search engines will suffer as a result. This is why we continually suggest hiring a professional writer to help you close the deal online.

A disability advocates group (DAG) might consider hiring a former social security disability benefits agent with a professional writing resume to help build content for its site. A personal injury law firm might instead hire a former judge turned professional writer to help build content. You see where we’re going with this? These kinds of authorities might be harder to find — and far more expensive than just doing it yourself — but they can lend the insight your website desperately needs to be made more searchable on search engines like Google.

In many cases, writing authoritative content means providing a lot of information in a concise manner — and remember, we said that’s also important to ranking high in Google. But it also means relevant information people will have an easy time finding even if they’re not sure how to search. If you type in “I want to live forever” then you’ll be presented with a number of medical and scientific pages on the topic of obtaining immortality. Is that what you meant? Maybe not — but most people who type in those words are looking for that kind of content.

Featuring questions with answers is a great way to demonstrate authority on a given topic, and it’s certainly a great way to add long-tail keywords to your new page. This type of strategy is also great for creating longer pages with videos and evergreen content. What is evergreen content (you see what we’re doing, right?)? Evergreen content is content that has staying power!

When you write a news article about a dog that died in a fire yesterday, then that article is only relevant for a few days. But when you write about how to save battery life in an iPhone, the content is relevant for far longer — and that’s what makes it evergreen. Of course, Apple could self-destruct tomorrow. Nothing is truly evergreen.

But the point is, this is the type of content that you should shoot for, and using a person whose authority on the subject is already easily searchable on the web means that Google will already trust that figure — and you’ll get a bump in the rankings by outsourcing (probably).

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