Attorney Websites — 26 December 2020
How To Build A Better Business Based Website: Part II

In part one of our series on how you can build a better business website, we discussed the relative importance of two critical factors: professional help and content that helps keep clients on your site for longer periods of time (i.e. visuals like photos and videos). We mentioned that keywords weren’t as important as they once were — which is especially true if you don’t know how to use them or whether or not you’re using the right one.

Today, we’ll talk about short-tail keywords versus long-tail keywords. Short-tail keywords usually consist of one or two keywords commonly used by your business. These words have likely been used by hundreds of thousands of competitors around the world already, and you’ll have a difficult ranking high in search engines when using them. We might call them “low quality” instead of short-tail.

Long-tail keywords are more like phrases. That means fewer competitors will have used them. And the beauty of using, say, a five-word phrase as a keywords is that you’re basically getting five keywords for the price of one.

Check out If you’re trying to build a law firm, you might be thinking of a simple keyword like “lawyer.” But obviously everyone is using that one. Type “lawyer” into the LSI keyword generator and you’ll find new options: lawyer description, types of lawyer, what is a lawyer salary, lawyer career, lawyer pronunciation, facts about lawyers, what does a lawyer do, and how to become a lawyer are all ranked high. 

Obviously, not every keyword will be relevant to your site. But looking at those provided, we can get a basic idea of what Google likes. Heck, Google’s own mission statement tells us they want to know the question we ask before we finish typing it in. That’s why a high-quality long-tail keyword is usually in the form of a question — to which you can then provide the answer!

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