Attorney Websites — 15 December 2020
How To Build A Better Business Based Website: Part I

Building a business is difficult. You can’t just say: “Hey….I’m going to start a successful business!” It takes a lot of moving parts, and each of those parts needs to fit in just right. How often have you watched a movie with great dialogue, great images, great actors, and a great story and had a “meh” reaction? You can have a great plan but fall short because of a lack of synergy. It’s the same thing when building a business. You need to care for each and every part — starting with the business’s website, since that’s where most people will search first.

Take a quick look at Loudoun County personal injury Koonz McKenney Johnson & Depaolis LLP’s website. We can see at first glance that the firm sought professional help when designing the site. The color scheme is easy on the eyes and doesn’t make you want to turn the page. We have immediate access to live chat needed. We have an immediate call to action and an offer for help. We have a simple platform letting us know how and why we could use these services and a contact form for requesting them — all from one very informative page.

And that’s our first tip in a nutshell: Make sure that your site is professionally designed. 

Use videos and images to help bump rankings in Google. This might sound like strange advice, but most high-ranking websites in a Google search will have an average of seven images or videos on a given page. Google knows that most people who approach a page won’t stop to read it’s content — they’ll be scanning instead. That means an image or a video can help them understand what your website is all about faster, and that means they might stick around to read.

Why would Google care if you have a video? It doesn’t. But having a video will boost the interactivity of your website and grab more of an audience for a longer period of time. That’s what search engines see — that people are visiting and staying longer than they would on a competitor’s website. Boom! You get an automatic bump in the rankings. So really search for — or make — high-quality videos for your website, and try to keep one on every page.

If you’re already fluent in building websites yourself, you probably know all about keywords and might even know the important difference between short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords (but more on that later). Google certainly likes keywords, but not as much as it did a decade ago. The math behind these search engines — the algorithms — is much more sophisticated than it was. It’s smarter. It’s far more likely to know the difference between good content and garbage.

That means you can’t just provide garbage content and expect to be paid for it through ads on your site. You need to work to improve the content. It needs to be relatable to your customers. For Google to understand the quality of your content, you need those customers to stick around — which is why our first two tips are professional help and great videos!

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