Attorney Websites — 19 July 2017

write-593333_640 (1)If your client reads it and doesn’t find the urge to date you or immediately meet your parents, then you may have some work to do. Your attorney profile can’t just be about letting prospective clients know who you are, what you do, or where and why you do it. Your profile can’t just be a laundry list of colleges attended, programs completed, or accomplishments and volunteer programs. It has to say more about what makes you tick. It has to inspire, and it has to speak on a universally relatable level that few can master.

So what should you include on your attorney profile? All of the above, of course. But what matters most is how you say it. Unfortunately, most lawyers are all about business. It’s not always easy to show personality when you’re trying to grab fistfuls of someone else’s hard-earned cash, but would-be clients would rather engage with you and discover a sense of humor lying underneath that cold, callous exterior over reading the same details you’ll share with them when you meet anyway.

How can you change that? Start out with your name, title, and a good photograph that wasn’t taken in a European country with a selfie stick. Make sure the photo is professionally done while you’re looking and feeling at your best, and try to smile. If you can’t smile, then make sure you’re standing next to five cute kittens and a puppy. Everyone likes animals.

First and foremost, be funny but sincere and informational. If you’re writing a bio, tell them about something you love to do. Then tell them why you’re terrible at doing it or how the gods challenge your decisions to engage in said hobby every chance they find. When you inevitably tell readers about your legal expertise or education history, then it should feel like a detail only needed to tell an important story. If you read it back while pretending to be someone else and it doesn’t sound like that person would appeal to you, then try again.

Tell clients what you do, but make them keep laughing while you walk them through it. Tell them what it’s like to stroll through your office. Tell them about the professional, all work no play atmosphere, except for that old guy who’s got Game of Thrones blasting from the corner office with the door hanging open. That’s Neil. Neil’s got seniority and just doesn’t care anymore. And Jill, who likes to listen to cool, soothing Jazz while she eats her lunch at 1:13 P.M. sharp. Or Maurice, who keeps bringing in oddly domesticated squirrels from the back alley and feeding them inside his cubicle. Other than that, your law firm is all business and clients can expect to be vigorously defended.

If you’re trying to make the perfect attorney profile, then it shouldn’t read like a novel. Say what you need to say to give the prospective client insight into your existence as a lawyer, and then ask them to stop by for a chat because you love meeting new people and trying to figure out how to piece together the puzzle of fixing their problems. Give them all the contact information that might be relevant, and then leave it at that.

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