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When many people think of attorney videos, they think of the cliché image of an older man standing in front of a bookcase rattling off the firm’s practice areas and encouraging the viewer to call for a free consultation. With the rise in popularity of video marketing, however, and with more attorneys utilizing sites like YouTube to increase web visibility, we’ve definitely seen a shift in the style of promotional videos that firms are incorporating into their advertising campaigns.

Moving away from the hard sell approach, attorneys are increasingly looking to tell a story and develop a concept that allows them to more effectively connect with visitors. Below we take a look at some unconventional videos that help to make a powerful impression with viewers:

Showcasing Your Office
In 2013, Long Island firm Nancy Burner & Associates moved into a new office space. In this video, they share a time lapse account of the renovations. The video is only about a minute and a half but it gives you a tour of their new home and briefly shows you their team working in the new collaborative space (even showing a staff member doing a cartwheel at the conclusion of construction). With renovations and before and after videos surging in popularity (thanks, HGTV), this video is a perfect example of how you can spark the interest of website visitors by giving them an “inside look.”

Highlighting Firm Culture
The Law Firm of Strazzeri Mancini LLP includes a number of professional videos on their website, all aimed at introducing visitors to their great team. While many of these videos profile a single staff member, in one they showcase a grand birthday surprise that the team had planned for one of the partners. It’s a great showing of just how close this group is and a display of the unique culture of the office.

Building an Emotional Connection with the Visitor
Like it or not, many prospective clients approach the attorney selection process with serious apprehension.Videos can be one way to build an emotional connection with visitors before that first in-person interaction. Attorney Alex Medina does a great job of doing this in a series of videos he created for his law practice. In several of these videos, he speaks very candidly about the challenges of being an attorney and also explores what he enjoys about this line of work. He also has one where he interviews his three young boys in what appears to be their home; the video is humorous but it’s also incredibly endearing. After watching it, you can’t help but like this attorney.

There isn’t a one size fits all formula when it comes to developing an effective video for your law practice. If you’re considering this form of marketing, take time to explore what it is that you’re trying to achieve and appropriately identify your target audience. If you’re looking to showcase your success, a video featuring some of your satisfied clients might be one good approach. If you’re hoping to put your prospective clients’ mind at ease, you might consider developing a video where you speak candidly about what got you into this area of law (only if it’s interesting, of course). Once you have your concept developed, don’t turn to your teenage son and his GoPro; hire a seasoned videographer with the right equipment and know-how to ensure your video is as professional as your firm.

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