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By: Dolores Obrien - 23 July 2019 - Comments Off on The Value of Thought Leadership

The term “Thought Leader” is one that is quite controversial in the world of marketing. Some people love it, some people dismiss it as nothing more than an annoying buzzword, but what is a [...]

By: Dolores Obrien - 11 July 2019 - Comments Off on When To Hire A Paralegal For Your Growing Law Firm

Every law firm started as a small business, and small businesses are very difficult to grow from the ground up — especially in today’s world where the strong eat the weak for breakfast every [...]

By: Dolores Obrien - 09 June 2019 - Comments Off on The Future Of Automation In Website and Business Development

The practice of implementing automated programs and features in new websites is becoming more and more common, and it’s anyone’s guess how far they will advance in the next decade. But most people seem [...]

By: Dolores Obrien - 19 March 2019 - Comments Off on Legal Marketing Stats You Need To Know

Note: This article contains data from surveys done from 2012 to 2015. Although it is four years old, trends usually tend to increase as access to technology continues to grow. Either way, if you [...]

Which Is Better: A Public Defender Or A Criminal Defense Lawyer?
By: Dolores Obrien - 13 January 2019 - Comments Off on Which Is Better: A Public Defender Or A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

When someone is facing criminal penalties the decision on whether to retain a criminal defense lawyer or a public defender can make or break a case. This is why many people facing criminal charges [...]

By: Dolores Obrien - 23 December 2018 - Comments Off on The Best Ways To Grow Your Legal Practice From The Ground Up

Kickstarting a pattern of growth for your law firm, and then keeping that growth sustainable for a number of years, isn’t easy. It’s time-consuming and difficult. The trials and tribulations of the path set [...]

Economic Analysis Of The Law In 2018
By: Dolores Obrien - 29 November 2018 - Comments Off on Economic Analysis Of The Law In 2018

There are a number of disputes in contemporary times that form the basis of a number of profound arguments: is the law more important than the economy, or vice versa? Should the law only [...]

Will Incentives Make Your Employees Work Harder?
By: Dolores Obrien - 16 October 2018 - Comments Off on Will Incentives Make Your Employees Work Harder?

We’ve all been led to believe that incentives work. You pay your people more or provide them with commission-based bonuses, and they’ll work harder. Right? That’s what we’ve heard all our lives, and we’ve [...]

By: Dolores Obrien - 25 September 2018 - Comments Off on Can Podcasting Help My Attorney Marketing?

We all take in information differently. Some of us are visual, some of us are auditory and some of it need a combination of both. We have repeatedly discussed the benefits of writing long-form [...]

Paying For Criminal Defense – Ethics
By: Dolores Obrien - 06 July 2018 - Comments Off on Paying For Criminal Defense – Ethics

NSTexas, a criminal defense law firm in Odessa, Texas, is one of the many criminal defense law firms that have a hard time finding clients that can afford their services, leading many residents of [...]