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What Are The Best Subjects To Hit During A Legal Podcast?

Being a lawyer is hard. Building a reputable law firm from scratch is even harder. And making sure your biggest clients stick with you through the years? That’s the most difficult part, especially when other law firms will pull out all the stops to snatch them away from yours. That’s why you need to attract attention from potential new clients instead of focusing all yours on the old ones. Sometimes a podcast is the way to go. But which subject should you hit first?

You know those gripes about click-bait headlines? The truth is, they work — no matter how much everyone hates them. But the ones with great evergreen content work even better. Your goal should be to combine that click-bait content with real information that people will either always need, or alway want. And then turn it into a nail-biting podcast. 

The easiest way to do that is by pulling real cases to use as examples. Think of the biggest cases of the century. OJ Simpson, Charles Manson, Scopes, and the impeachment of Bill Clinton or Donald Trump should be high on your list. Are there smaller cases with interesting trials or outcomes the public might not know about? Use those too.

Your aspirations for the podcast should go above and beyond a simple rehashing of what everyone already knows. Tell your listeners where lawyers or prosecutors went wrong — regardless of whether they won or lost. Tell your listeners what everyone did accurately. 

Talk about big businesses that failed or were bailed out. What happened and why? More importantly, how was business law applied in the political climate at the time?

Once you’ve determined what you want to talk about, you need to find the right person for the job. You’re the hotshot partner or head of the firm? Great. But maybe you don’t sound so hot on a microphone. Your lowliest employee might have a voice better for appealing to the masses. This is where ego can make or break a podcast. Don’t assume you already know the perfect person for what you need. Go look.

And that’s not to say you can’t be a part of your own firm’s podcast, even if you don’t have the right voice. People still need to know who you are and that the right information is being handed over. Maybe the guy in your mailroom is great at interviewing and looking for the perfect opportunity to put you in the torture seat. Do a question and answer session. Let someone else frame the conversation. Show your people skills and your legal knowledge both. 

The most important thing to remember is this: Any podcast worth listening to isn’t going to sound like a classroom lesson. People don’t want to hear you drone on about a legal subject they can’t understand. But they absolutely will be interested in listening to a conversation about a subject that ignites your passions. Find that subject and then find the right person to chat with about it. That’s your number one goal!

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