Client Retention — 08 October 2021
How To Create The Perfect Logo

Here at Legalnomics, we like to approach logo design the same way a flag designer would. Not sure what we mean? No problem. We’ll explain it in a concise way. Think of the flags you already fly most: the American flag, your city flag, etc. What do they all have in common? Could you draw one if push came to shove? Do they have meaning? These are all questions you need to answer before you ask a designer to make your company or website a new logo.

First and foremost: your design should be simple, memorable, and easy enough that even a child could draw it from memory — just like the American flag. Think of Facebook, Google, or Amazon. Do you know their logos? Chances are you do! And you can probably do a passable job of drawing them. That’s important. If your logo is that memorable, then your company or service is too!

Whether or not your logo has a specific meaning is up to you! But we strongly advise you to start with the story of your company and work from there. What are your values? What are you trying to sell? Incorporating these elements into a logo can make the design even more memorable. The goal is new customers. Before you can grab new business, you need to grab new attention.

Color can also be an important way to attract attention. You know that old piece of advice that you should always wear something red to a job interview because it showcases personality? Well, you don’t necessarily need to do that here. If everyone used the same combination of colors, then logos would cease to function the way we all need them to. Again, the colors you choose should reflect your company and its values.

One of the most important parts of logo design? Don’t overthink it! Don’t complicate what should be simple. Designing a lawyer should never be a time-consuming endeavor.

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