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How To Market For Recruiters or Employers

Building a business is difficult. That’s okay: no one ever told you it would be a cakewalk! But not every business was created equal. Some have stringent employment needs. Others only require a few bright individuals to keep things running day or night. What you need for your business should guide website creation ideas. These are the best ways to market your brand if you’re trying to make a living recruiting for any number of other businesses.

The first thing you should consider as a business owner — and especially the owner of a business known for recruiting — is how to best build your brand. You’ll want to hire creative designers to show off a few logos, and take your time deciding which one fits your personality best. And personality matters. 

Did you know that most professionals will advise you to wear something red to an interview? That’s because red makes you “pop” a little bit more. You seem more daring. You seem more confident. You seem more, more, more…And you need to think the same way about your website. Do you want the first thing people see to be a sign of weakness? Surely not. Make sure the logo catches the eye with bright, flashy colors.

And then think of a punchline, call to action, or mission statement that makes sense based on what you want people to think. You should be thinking that people will see the logo, the mission statement, and then small pieces of information about your business, in that order and before they see anything else. You can lead them where they need to go later.

These steps are about building personality. That personality is something you will transform into your brand.

Have you already worked as a recruiter? Hopefully you’ve kept in touch with a few of these individuals — especially the people who know how to talk the talk or tell a great story. If you can request a short written testimonial strongly implying that they quickly got sucked in by your strategy, all the better. Do they look good on camera? Do a video testimonial instead! A short video is a great way to keep people on your website, and Google loves that too.

Once you believe you have the perfect website…think about building a second! Or a third. Don’t just publish. Run focus groups to determine the different attributes of one site people prefer over another. You might learn a lot by having real conversations with people who are happy to share their input — even if they’re tearing you apart or calling you an idiot for creating a website that isn’t perfect.

You can visit website for more information on employment law. Government regulations determine who you can and can’t recruit. Be careful! There are specific laws that determine how “poaching” is defined and whether or not you can try to steal another business’s worker.

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