Pay Per Click — 18 March 2021
How To Get More Conversions On Your Website

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting a new business or just trying to go solo: driving traffic to your website is a huge chore. How do we make sure Google loves our site? How do we get people to visit the site? How do we get people to stay on the site? How do we get those visitors who stay longest to start clicking our affiliate links or advertisements? Not every business needs conversions, but some businesses wholly rely upon them.

Website conversion rates usually range from about a tenth of a percentage point up to two percent. That’s not many people clicking our links. That means two things: we need to drive more people to visit our website, and we need to give them a reason to click that mouse!

Here’s a fact of life: annoying website strategies work. You might feel like the website antics — such as a pop-up box asking you to subscribe — is wasting your time, but they work. It’s What We Do to get the most pay per clicks.  

Speaking of asking people to subscribe, this is an absolute “must,” especially if they’re enjoying your content. Of course, you can’t just request a person’s email address — you have to follow through by creating great newsletters with interactive content and a call to action every week or two. Keep in mind that abusing this tool is a great way to lose customers. People don’t want to hear from your website every day until you’re another TED. 

Live chat is a great way to interact with your customers. Most of these automated boxes will help answer simple questions using an interactive “search” without actually defining it as a search. If the chatbot can’t help the customer, they get connected with a customer service representative — or you!

Testimonials can really make products or services more inviting. Don’t just make them up! Imaginary testimonials are a dime a dozen and people can spot them immediately. Ask real people to offer real opinions.

Speaking of real opinions, run a focus group on your website when you think you’ve fixed everything perfectly. You’ll want to come up with questions about what works and what doesn’t. One of those questions should absolutely be about distractions. Ask what catches their eye and what seems more annoying than useful. This is a great way to find out if any of the aforementioned strategies are overkill.

Whenever you want to sell something, you want to stand by its quality. People aren’t interested in buying a product or service without a guarantee that they can return it or get a refund for defective merchandise or an overall lack of usefulness. 

Make sure that your website’s content is valuable and well written. A black background can be difficult to read or strain the eyes during the day, which adds another obstacle that doesn’t need to be there. 

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