Attorney Websites — 05 February 2021
How To Build A Better Business Based Website: Part VI

In part five of our series on how to build a better business based website, we discussed the need to target specific demographics in order to narrow down a focused audience — and to provide that audience with only what it needs. Everyone else doesn’t matter unless you find that your targeted demographic is the wrong one. Today we’ll discuss formatting based on what the customer wants — and the device they’re using to digest what they want.

Formatting is everything you do to break up content or make it easier to read. For a technology website, this might mean a longer article broken up with headlines, bullet text, numbered text, or one that uses bold or italics font to highlight important information (although we don’t recommend doing the latter routinely or as a matter of course). What you do is totally dependent on who’s reading and what kind of information they need to assimilate.

For example, let’s say you want to teach your niche audience about a complex subject with a lot of meat to it. You might be more inclined to break that subject into more easily digested topics using headlines, and then break it down even more using bullet points for bite-sized pieces of information. This isn’t always necessary because not all websites need to teach their clients about detailed topics. The easier the information is to comprehend, the less likely it is you’ll need to utilize the tactic.

It’s 2021, and most of your website’s visitors will likely be using a mobile device — but keep in mind this might not be true depending on your targeted demographic. Seniors are less likely to own one, but even they’re adopting the technology for their own!

What this means is that every page you write should be formatted for mobile presentation. It’s not always obvious when you’re building a page, which is why professional help is so important. Not sure if your website is built for mobile devices? There’s an easy way to check: take out your phone.

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