Search Engine Optimization — 15 January 2021
How To Build A Better Business Based Website: Part IV

In part three of our series on how to build a better business based website, we discussed the importance of providing quality content based on the type of content you wish to provide a customer. We discussed Google’s approach to assimilating short or long articles and why you might want to consider contracting a professional writer to provide you with more elaborate content to provide needed information to your customers. This is all a part of SEO.

Today we’ll talk about how the customers should be able to assimilate your page. That means how it’s written is just as important as what is written.

For example, Google hates the passive voice, and most SEO programs will notify you when an article uses too much. The passive voice adds unneeded words to a page, which makes it hard to read. Your goal is to make the information as easy to assimilate as possible. That means shorter sentences.

It also means using less jargon (unless that jargon is part of your keyword strategy). Jargon is a language used by the people in a certain industry within that industry. Do you know what the word “idiopathic” means? Great. Neither do we. That’s because the word is medical jargon, and we’re not doctors. At the end of the day, it’s probably better to write longer articles but with shorter sentences and simpler words. To Google, that means you’re saying a lot with a little — which means you’ll get a boost in the rankings.

Your goal is to engage the client. That means you can’t write like a demented robot, either. Don’t be afraid to use words like “you” in your content, because that will make your audience feel like you’re talking directly to them instead of a ghost in the next room. Learn to write conversationally, and you’ll be on the path to SEO bliss in no time.

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