Attorney Websites — 02 December 2020

2020 was a consequential year for just about every American, but especially so for those finding themselves in need of legal services — which weren’t always widely available because of COVID-19 restrictions put into place by state and local governments. 2021 will likely mark a time when things at the very least begin the transition back to normal. Judicial meetings over Zoom will likely cease. And lawyers will be able to carry out business back at the office.

For some firms, this means adapting their websites once again. For the past ten months, our site has urged clients to adopt virtual services to spur growth even during the economic downturn. That meant building website interactiveness and offering as many services as possible to targeted demographics through virtual means (such as Zoom or even the phone). More virtual firms took off in 2020 than any year before it. 

Now, those same firms might want to take a step back and reevaluate. What makes the most sense for the services you offer? Right now, it seems vaccine distribution will continue to expand until herd immunity is acquired in the United States by mid-year. That means many online services might cease around the same time — as long as the trends hold true. There’s always the possibility that they don’t. For example, new strains of coronavirus might complicate vaccine efficacy and force yearly distribution. We might be dealing with an endemic illness, which means social distancing could be ongoing for years.

But optimistically, we think not. We believe business as usual might be adopted soon. And when it does, firms will likely wish to continue to offer some services virtually even as they transition back to in-person visits. After all, it makes all the sense in the world to procure new business clients through any means available. And offering those new or old clients service through the most convenient means possible also makes sense. That means the decision of what to change is up to each firm — even though the “when” might not be.

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