Attorney Websites — 18 November 2020
How To Use A Website To Target Your Own Community

We already know that how you use a website is at least as important as having one in the first place. What steps should a law firm partner use when building a website for a certain segment of the community? For example, should a personal injury lawyer target anyone with an injury? The short answer, believe it or not, is no! First, you need to discover which demographics require legal aid for an injury most often.

Let’s use Dallas as an example. In this great Texan city, car accidents make up the majority of personal injury claims. Figuring that out is step number one, because now you can target anyone involved in a car accident on your website. But who gets into the most car accidents? Distracted drivers! And those drivers tend to be young. In fact, the vast majority of all car accidents are the fault of younger drivers. 

That gives the website owner two choices. The obvious choice is to target those younger drivers by appealing to their tastes. You might mention overzealous cops and prosecutors who don’t really have a good case (even though they might) in order to reel them in. The second, less obvious choice, is to target those who are most likely to be injured by the younger drivers — i.e. everybody else. 

What’s the easiest way to make this choice? Follow the money. You’re running a business first and foremost, and that means you need to get paid. Personal injury lawyers only make money if they win a case because they work on contingency, which means they have to appeal to the people who fit two demographics instead of just one. First, who needs the service most. Second, which demographic — in stark opposition to the first — can pay for those services?

That might sound confusing, but it’s not. For example, if the personal injury website targets everyone but younger drivers with the intention of suing those younger drivers on behalf of the injured parties — then the law firm won’t rake in much cash, because younger drivers don’t have the highest paying jobs. But working on behalf of those younger drivers means you can build cases against parties that do have higher paying jobs. 

Now that you know you have to target young drivers to build the best cases, you need to find out how they think about the service you provide and what they want to see. How can you reach the most drivers aged 16 to 24? You need to use the website to mimic conversations you would expect might keep them invested. You need to find out how they choose one personal injury lawyer over another.

With kids, sometimes it comes down to style over substance. That means a flashy website that makes the firm look more down to earth instead of professional. They also want quick snippets of easily digestible information. They don’t care about investing a lot of time to find out if your firm is the one for them. They only want quick reassurances that you’ll improve their quality of life — and that it won’t cost much. 

Whatever you do, stay relevant when conversing with the demographics you want.

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