Video — 05 November 2020
How To Target Customers With Video During Coronavirus Outbreak

Remember, customers need to hear your voice — and see your face — if you want the best chance of turning internet traffic into a new client base. That means taking all the most commonly asked questions during the coronavirus pandemic and turning them into a video-based information source. How is this accomplished? With brevity, we hope. Here’s what you need to do.

First, any form of advertising is about the initial investment. How much you put into the content — which in this case is considered temporary — helps determine the amount of return you get on that investment. What does this mean for your law firm? Well, it doesn’t hurt to ask your partners or associates if they have any recording equipment lying around or if anyone knows how to edit the world’s greatest video. Right now every penny counts, and you shouldn’t hire anyone else or purchase new equipment unless you absolutely need to do it.

Second, get everyone in on it. Clients most likely won’t just be dealing with you and a partner or two. They want to get an idea of your entire operation. Showcase your business space. Is there a shared office on the floor? Do you provide associates with their own space? Show it off in the video and make sure that everyone has something fun or light-hearted to share — we might be living in a scary time, but it doesn’t always have to seem that way.

Third, turn your plan into a video that provides the right mix of information and a personal touch. Let them know if you provide referrals or free consultations, and ask them to get in touch. Let them know how they can do that easiest, whether that means an in-person visit, a phone call, or a Zoom chat. Before signing off, let them know if you have any specialized plans for those who are feeling the extra weight of the financial burden affecting so many Americans.

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