Newsletters — 11 June 2020
How To Write The Perfect Newsletter During COVID-19

Is your law firm losing business due to the coronavirus outbreak? Yours isn’t the only one. Almost all commercial industries have suffered a great deal over the last few months, and the service sector has taken a big hit as well. But businesses are reopening all over the country as state and local governments have decided that the economy might just be more important than keeping people safe. What you do with the options available is your business.

Newsletters can be the perfect way to inject some hope into your customer base during this time of, well, upheaval. Chaos is everywhere, which is why you should strive to keep it as far away from your business as you can. That means every word of your email campaigns or newsletters should bleed optimism. How can you achieve this in today’s world?

Service exists to provide something for clients. That’s the one goal that doesn’t change. Whether or not you can provide your service to clients as you did before the pandemic is a question that requires answering. If you cannot, you need to ensure customers are still thinking about you — even when they might not be in the financial situation to give you their business.

Let your customers know that you’re thinking about them. Is there potential to provide free samples or limited free services to customers who might need it? This is the time to make that offer. Remember: the good you can do for society as a whole is a great way to build reputation and is rarely forgotten. Offer telecommuting services or video conferencing when a client needs to see someone’s face to feel connected.

In your newsletter, give your clients a clear timetable of when your business will be operating at full capacity. Let them know exactly which services are offered right now. Most importantly: let them know exactly what they can do from home — even without your help!

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