Legal Marketing — 26 March 2020
How Will The Coronavirus Outbreak Affect Website Traffic?

You may have already heard the news: the massive increase in Internet traffic has resulted in a significant slow-down of the usual services. That means that more people are surfing the web while they’re stuck inside. And a lot of businesses have already taken advantage of the increased traffic. Should you? It all depends on what kind of law firm you have and whether or not your practice might find more cases as a result of this crisis.

The economy is slowing down right now, so for most of us the answer is probably no. 

But sometimes the law is an entirely different beast. While bars and restaurants are closed and laying off employees, law firms sometimes retain their services because they are essential. For example, an estate planning firm might notice increased traffic from older demographics who are worried about the future. Insurance litigators might notice increased traffic from the newly unemployed.

That means there’s no better time to direct these potential new customers to your doorstep. These days, that doorstep is electronic; i.e. a website. 

What can you do to improve your website? First, hire a team that knows what they’re doing. Ask for reference, testimonials, and examine reputation. Basically, treat potential web designers the same way you would treat a potential lawyer for yourself.

Second, find out what your law firm’s required demographics need right now. What are they thinking during this time of crisis? Are they wondering whether or not they will have a job in a few months? Are they worried about paying for a visit to the hospital? Are they looking for someone to hold accountable for their own infection with the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19? 

When you know what your demographic is thinking, you can apply more focused targeting paradigms during an advertisement campaign.

Third, know where that demographic hangs out. Do they still use personal computers? Are they on mobile? Do they listen to podcasts eighteen times a day? Are they on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn? Find out where they make their presence known, and you can be ready to make a subtle pitch to win their traffic to your website. Make a call to action. Ask them directly to give you a call or send an email so you can fix their problems.

Web designers will ask a lot of these questions of you, and you should have answers ready. This will help them work their magic faster and more efficiently than you can imagine. Are you ready for some new clients?

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