Podcasts — 29 February 2020
How Many People Listen To Podcasts?

Podcasts have been around for a while, but more and more people are turning to them as a way of bringing more customers into their business. If your demographic is prone to consuming a high number of podcasts, then this might be an awesome strategy. Then again, if you’re focusing a demographic, like, say, 65 and older — you probably want to veer away from pretty much anything popular with the younger crowds.

So who listens to podcasts, and how often do they do it?

According to a research report compiled by Edison Research, at least half the population of the United States had listened to a podcast by 2019 — 144 million people — and a whopping 62 million people were listening to them on a weekly basis. That’s a huge increase from just a few years prior, when hardly anyone knew what they even were.

Of course, it’s not just important how many people are listening. If you’re considering building a podcast station on your website (or even a visual show on YouTube, for example), then you need to know who those people are. First, men are more likely to listen to a podcast than women. 36 percent of men listen to them versus 29 percent of women. 

About 40 percent of those aged 12 to 54 are listening to podcasts. Only 17 of those aged 55 and up are listening. Those who had listened to podcasts in any given week were far more likely to listen to more than one. Over half of the survey’s respondents said they listened to more than four! That’s great news if your podcast is targeting a demographic with, say, attention deficit disorder.

What you might find more interesting is how easy it could be to combine your podcast with an advertising blitz. That’s because over half of those aged 12 to 24 also listen to Spotify. In a nutshell, that means you can use Spotify advertisements to tell people about your exciting new podcast. Trying to build an audience as fast as possible is most beneficial, especially if your resources are limited to begin with.

In addition, podcasting itself is a great way to advertise with affiliates, which can expose new demographics for your business to target when expanding. Podcast hosts can read testimonials, paid advertisements, or even provide a sponsored story. 

Better yet, many industries have yet to jump on the podcasting bandwagon to advertise or look for new customers, which means the markets are not yet saturated. This is the perfect time and place to grow your business opportunities.

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