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The term “Thought Leader” is one that is quite controversial in the world of marketing. Some people love it, some people dismiss it as nothing more than an annoying buzzword, but what is a thought leader, and when would it make sense to have one, or be one?

Thought leadership is something that can be useful for driving teams, and for raising the profile of your business as well. Thought leaders tap into content marketing and passion and help to bring in new customers by making use of the talent and experience that their team has. They do this while still projecting an air of humility and authenticity.

Thought Leadership is Hard to Quantify

Thought leadership is the idea of answering the big questions that your target audience has. It is not about pedigree, it is not about having the right schooling. Rather, it is about providing deep answers to common questions, and putting them forward in the format that your audience most likes to consume.

One trap that some people fall into is assuming that to stand out from their competitors, they have to have a unique point of view. That isn’t necessarily the case. The goal should be to be the ‘best’ not simply to be different.

Sometimes it may be that your company has a strong opinion about something and that you do want to stand by that opinion and differentiate yourself in that way. Think carefully before taking a stand on something that does not directly affect your business, however. Stick to issues that are within your field, and provide clear and comprehensive answers to questions that matter such as what happens if I need to go to probate court?

Your goal should be to put forward innovative, clear, concise and interesting content that differentiates itself at the right time, and in the appropriate ways. Your customers may face many challenges, and a lot of brands use any challenge that a customer faces as a way to showcase their products. It is easy to alienate customers if you use every piece of content as an opportunity to promote your business. Good thought leaders know that building a following through quality content matters.

Why You Need to Be a Thought Leader

Whether your business is large or small, being a thought leader matters. Thought leadership lets us build up an audience and to build brand affinity too. Find the people in your business who are passionate and who are willing to share their expertise, and use them to build your following.

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