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Kickstarting a pattern of growth for your law firm, and then keeping that growth sustainable for a number of years, isn’t easy. It’s time-consuming and difficult. The trials and tribulations of the path set out before you will seem increasingly mundane the longer you encounter them. But if you have patience, then your hard work will pay off through a bigger client base and provide you with an increased number of billable hours. How do you do it? Here are a few of the best ways to grow your legal practice from the ground up.


  • Be there. First you need a business card, a website, a social media presence, an email address, and a cell number. Second, you need to let those avenues of approach work for you instead of against you. When someone shoots off an email or makes a call, your response time needs to be near-immediate. If it isn’t, then guess what? Your one-time potential client will start looking someplace else. This person almost certainly has a problem that needs to be addressed quickly, and you weren’t there. Be there.


  • Referrals. Remember the aforementioned list of what you need? Repeat it back to yourself as many times as it takes to realize how important it is. Social media, business cards, and a decent website can help you grow your network. With each new acquaintance, friend, or business associate added, you have an increased chance for a referral. If you’re just starting out, most of your business will come by way of referral. Let your friends and family know if they can help by getting your name out there.
  • Goals. Don’t just read blogs and articles for a few basic tips. Know your business and its key demographics. What ages, ethnicities, and vocations will likely provide most of your billable hours? Be sure to make yourself a figure in those communities. Beyond that, make sure you have specific, achievable goals. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, annual, five year, and ten year goals are important. Gather your partners or mentors, and brainstorm until you have a list, and then use it to build your business plan.
  • Advertisement. No one wants to do this, but after you have your first few clients it’s time to start talking investment. How much revenue will be allocated for future growth? In the beginning, almost all of it should be used for social media marketing campaigns and digital advertising in the places your wanted demographics will be scouring when they search the web.


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