Law and Economics — 20 August 2018

Seems you can always count on a Clinton to make headlines over the last 25 years. And more often than not, it’s not in a good way.

Seems that whether it was the string of sexual-assault claims against Bill, the White House travel office, Whitewater real-estate deal, Hillarycare (the precursor to Obamacare) or Benghazi when it comes to Hillary, or now Chelsea speaking out about progressive issues, the Clintons seem to have a hard time producing positive headlines. No wonder people are suffering from Clinton fatigue!

Of course, a Clinton was one of the general of the British Army who suffered a humiliating defeat to American rebels in the 18th century, so the name Clinton hasn’t’ exactly been tied to success on our continent.

Chelsea made a headline last week when she pandered to a pro-choice audience which was hearing her arguments for resisting the confirmation of Brett Cavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. Ever since the announcement that Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy was retiring, there has been much panic about the landmark abortion case, Roe v. Wade, being overturned. That has gotten the pro-choice activists out in full force of late, and Chelsea Clinton was there to rally the troops in the fight.

The latest claim to be supportive of “abortion rights” was that abortion was actually good for the U.S. economy. Chelsea Clinton claimed that over the last 45 years since Roe was decided, the right to an abortion has given women more freedom to work and add several trillion dollars to the American economy. Yes, she said that – millions fewer babies being born to have added trillions of dollars to the economy.

There is no hard and fast evidence to support her claim, because there are plenty of variables in the economy over the last 45 years – such as population growth, thus more working people, and there are more businesses over the last four decades, plus increases in international trade and international demand for American products and services.  Not to mention, that while the economy was improving from the Great Recession (2008 to 2014), the abortion rate dropped by about 25 percent over a six-year period while the economy was growing.

Suffice it to say, the pro-life and more conservative crowd has taken umbrage to Clintons’ comments, with one person calling the comments “evil and disgusting,” while others are just simply taking her to task for not providing actual evidence to back up her claim.

Maybe she truly was pandering to give the pro-choicers reason for hope and optimism, claiming that abortion is an economic issue since that is generally the issue at hand in the voting booth this fall. Whether she actually believes what she says is a question to be raised, but one thing that is not in question:

Nary has a week gone by without a Clinton getting in the headlines.

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