Legal Marketing — 18 April 2018
Quid Pro Quo?

The Latin phrase “quid pro quo” translates to the phrase “this or that”. This is usually used in many areas of law (sexual harassment, divorce mediation, etc) but did you know that it could be applied to your legal marketing? In order to get “that” aka more clients, their cases, their business you need to give them something (“this”). There are many ways to do this!


By offering a free consultation you are willing to give your time away for free with the hopes that new clients and leads will give you their legal trouble. Whether your free consultation is 15 minutes or an hour, just being there to listen to people vent about their legal troubles will make you seem trust worthy.


By offering a coupon or a discount, you are also giving them something with the hopes that they come into your office. For those who work at an hourly rate, this might not work for you but for those who have a flat fee for document creation (such as wills, prenuptial agreements, etc) then giving a discount wil make them want to use you for other services.


By no means do we ever recommend giving free legal advice, but having blogs on your website helps you in many ways. First and foremost, it shows potential clients and current clients that you are up to date as well as an expert in the area of law in which you practice. If and when they decided to hire an attorney for their legal needs they will remember how knowledgeable you were.

Try implementing these tactics in your legal marketing and see if you can get some of THAT for THIS!



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