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We have become very visual as a society. And by visual, we don’t mean words. We mean visual as in computer and TV screens, where we watch lots of video content.

It is believed that videos can help with retention of information, but that is only partially true. However, there is value in video being used to make certain concepts simpler to understand when the written word might be confusing or too technical to make an impact on a general audience.

Think of it this way with how-tos and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Many YouTube videos that show step-by-step directions of how to do something are quite popular, while those how-to articles that don’t have very useful photos or videos attached to them are not very effective in providing the information a user would need. Words work well when there isn’t a long description needed, whereas video can be better when there is something to be executed, especially those that are instructional.

A legal or law-firm website can and should have an FAQ section on it, where many familiar client questions are addressed. The question you may have is whether to handle an FAQ page in the traditional way, which lots of words and short paragraphs that happen to include keywords; or whether answering FAQs with videos would be more effective in sending home the answer and using meta tags and meta descriptions to draw attention from search algorithms to put your site at the top of search results.

The question of whether to go traditional or video really depends on the topic or theme of your FAQs.

Videos can be effective in how-to’s or answering a question that involves several steps, while traditional text works for those short answers. For example, if you get a lot of questions about the steps to take to make a good claim from an auto accident, you could develop a video showing the steps when on an accident scene (collect driver information, insurance information, take photos of the scene and of both vehicles, collect a police report, etc.).

Traditional FAQs are good for short answers (yes or no with short descriptions) or are good with providing very basic information (“for more questions, contact our law firm at…”).

Video on your website will get attention from search algorithms, so it would be a good idea to incorporate video where you can, as long as it can be engaging. While search algorithms do not take into account the entertainment value of the video, to keep users on your site or get them to return to your site, engaging and professional video can be an effective tool in helping with your digital reputation.

Videos are the latest way to convey information and generate a lot of traffic on websites, especially video that is engaging, funny or inspiring. Having videos as part of your FAQs on your website can enhance the site, improve your reputation and can help you seem authoritative in the digital universe.

Here’s an example of a Video FAQ below:

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