Search Engine Optimization — 08 August 2017
Is SEO The Real Estate Of The Digital World?

When discussing SEO, many people talk about it as a sprint.  Get some links, write a blog, and rank up in Google.  This is not a bad start, but they don’t look at the big picture: what good is an SEO strategy if it has no long-term value?  An interesting way to look at SEO is to consider it the SEO of the digital world: it is expensive, it doesn’t provide an immediate return on investment, but once you start to make money, you are in it for the long haul.

If you buy a house with the intention of making money off of it, you don’t expect to make that money right away.  You renovate it, make it look better, do some research for other houses in the area, and wait for the right time to sell.  SEO is a very similar to this: when you make your initial SEO push, you should not expect immediate results.  Sometimes it takes weeks or months for Google to even recognize you as a site, let alone rank you on the top page.  If you make some renovations to your site, like a blog or extra practice areas pages, you will start to see your website look better.  When you think your website has a better user experience, the chances are that Google agrees.

One of the aspects of real estate that makes it so reliable is its ability to make money in a variety of ways.  You can rent, sell, convert it into a commercial property… you get the point.  An optimized website and solid SEO strategy give your firm the same type of flexibility: you can market in all kinds of ways when you have a good website.  From ads on Google or sites like Yelp, to simply ranking high on Google, bringing money in from the web makes your firm money in places you wouldn’t otherwise have it.  You can think of a good legal website as a piece of real estate that you rent out to someone: Sure, you pay taxes on it every year and need to keep it maintained, but if you do, you will get way more back than what you paid year after year.

While there are so many examples we can use to parallel real estate planning and building your legal website, we will leave it at this: making a website is like any other investment.  If you don’t go into it with full confidence or don’t put in the right amount of money,  it will fail before it even begins.   If, however, you enter with an open mind and thoroughly-researched budget, and give your investment time to succeed, you will probably be happy with the investment.  Claim your lot in the SEO world before the neighborhood gets too packed.  We promise you’ll love it here.

For more information on basic SEO tactics, check out the video below.

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