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Are Client Reviews Good for Your Marketing Campaign

Integrated-Marketing-Campaign-It is very likely that, as a practicing attorney, you are rather established in your community. Whether it be by going out into the community in person and reaching out to the public, whether it be by traditional advertising approaches such as television and radio ads, or whether it be by more modern methods such as establishing a presence on the Internet or taking advantage of social media platforms. Like any other business, putting yourself out there for people to see is the best way to generate business. The question at that point then becomes, how much should you reveal before your advertising and marketing campaigns become detrimental to generating that business? What sort of technologies should I consider with regard to marketing my law firm? Maybe you’re more particular with your questions, like wondering if there is a benefit to client reviews. By the way, the answer to the last question is absolutely.

Let’s face it; the young generations just keep getting younger and they’re bringing the newest and hottest technology along for the ride wherever they go to put their names and their faces in front of as many people as possible. Keeping up in an increasingly aggressive business market, especially one that  involves law firms, can seem like an impossible task at times. With that said, it never hurts to let someone else do a little bit of the legwork for your business as well. Client reviews are also one of the more objective marketing tactics available. You can talk about and advertise your law firm and how great it is for hours on end until you’re blue in the face without necessarily convincing people. Consumers are skeptical by nature, looking for “the catch” that puts the “too good to be true” on hold long enough for them to go looking for the gum in the works. But, an opinion that they can absorb that states everything you might have otherwise said yourself can sway a lot more people when they know that someone experienced your law firm and how you handle your business without (ideally) having a biased outlook beforehand. Word of mouth from you can be a good marketing tactic. Word of mouth from someone that potential clients know personally can be a great, even excellent, marketing tactic.

Beyond inserting some more balanced objectivity into the marketability of your law firm, it is also a way for potential clients to see you’re still relevant in the field. Recent reviews from clients will show that not only are you good at what you do, but you’re still doing it on at least a somewhat regular basis. If someone is scouring your website for information and sees no evidence that you’re still even working, they’ll be less likely to reach out to ask questions. Utilizing marketing technology on the Internet can be a double-edged sword; as long as you stay on top of it and keep things fresh and up to date, it can work heavily in your favor. But, if you stray from drawing attention online – one of the strongest routes for information and media consumption today – you’ll likely be falling on the sword that you took with you into battle.

Now, with all of that said, there are obviously going to be those who have less-than-savory things to say about your business. Because as much as we might want to, we will never be able to please everybody with whom we do business. But, you can still remain professional come out the better for it if you handle it correctly. While we would certainly prefer mounds of positive reviews for your law firm, it is possible to hand negative reviews with grace. If you happen upon a negative review, be sure to respond with courtesy and in a reasonable time frame. After all, your law firm is still a business – appealing to customers, even those who had a negative experience, can still reassure them if they know you care about said experience.

Finally, utilize tools to make keeping up with reviews easier. Programs such as ReviewTrackers and ReviewPush can be the key to catching those negative reviews and addressing them more quickly to the (hopeful) satisfaction of the client. By implementing tools such as these, you can make it easier to maintain some semblance of a correspondence with your current clientel while potentially drawing others to you as you show them you can give them a bit of the personal touch.

These are only a few tips to push your law firm forward by encouraging you to encourage others to do a bit of the advertising for you. Utilizing client reviews to show what your business is capable of in an Internet-driven generation is one of the best ways to expand a client base.

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