Legal Marketing — 27 August 2017
What Are The Best Methods To Market Your Law Firm?

If your law firm is one that caters to private consumers in San Antonio, Texas, you’re unlikely to land steady clients that provide the bulk of your work. That might happen if you deal with corporate clients, but there is a lot of money to be made from dealing with rank and file citizens needing occasional legal help. Since they’re unlikely to be repeat business though, you have to be continually marketing to land new clients to make money.

So, what are the best methods to market your law firm? Keep reading to learn 4 of them:

1) Win customers online: Over 90 percent of consumers are going to look for a law firm online, so make sure your firm’s ratings and customer feedback are sky high. Have an SEO specialist make sure that your website is the top link on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for any specific phrases someone might use to look for a law firm in your region. On top of that, make sure your website is full of useful content that keeps visitors search engines send you. Anyone that clicks around and finds not one or two but three, four, or more engaging and informative articles on your site is very likely to click your call to action requesting more information or to schedule a consultation.

2) Drop your firm’s name everywhere: If your law firm focuses on a specific city or community, then make sure you get your firm’s name dropped everywhere. Send out mailers, put ads in the paper, sponsor amateur sports teams, and run commercials on television and radio. Make sure every citizen knows who you are and what you do. Eventually, they’ll start Googling your firm name instead of general law offices looking for one.

3) Open yourself up: Free consultations with no-obligation quotes, either in person or over the phone, are the industry standard in some legal corners. Make sure you’re able to do this for anyone looking for the right legal help but hasn’t decided on someone specific yet. It’s a chance for them to learn more, and you get to make a sales pitch and possibly close.

4) Win over those you win for: Managing partners and executives who lead law firms are sometimes polled specific questions, like just what marketing methods work best for your law firm? 64 percent of them answer that word-of-mouth advertising ranks higher than anything else. It’s not enough to win clients to your business, you need to win their cases or matters. When you win their hearts after you win their business, you’re the only firm they’ll ever mention when a friend, relative, or co-worker mentions they have a similar situation and ask who they used.

Now that you know 4 of the best methods to market your law firm, you can apply the ones you aren’t already using while doubling down on the ones you’re doing already.

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