Practice Management — 11 July 2017
Tips for Maximizing the Growth of Your Interns

Having interns provides your firm with some extra help and the responsibility of helping them grow into valuable members of the workforce. This give and take aspect of the relationship allows both sides to benefit from the experience. However, you need to take your responsibilities seriously if you are going to be able to continually get the best interns possibly vying for the positions that are available in your firm.

So, what can you do to maximize the growth of your interns? Well, part of that will depend on the position and size of your practice. If you don’t have a clearly defined plan for what interns need to do while in your care, you need to develop one. Just as a typical job description includes responsibilities and such, so should an internship. Those folks should have a clear idea of the legal skills that they will gain while under your tutelage. Otherwise, they might find greener pastures elsewhere.

What type of position will these students be seeking once they have completed the internship with your practice? What skills are needed for that which you can start teaching them? Remember that you are helping to shape their experiences in the workforce and if done right, you can end up with a powerful ally in the business world who could one day have a big impact on your company, whether or not you end up hiring the interns in your firm.

When these students leave your office confident and skilled, they will want to reciprocate if possible down the line. This might help you secure a particular case or somehow otherwise benefit. So, think about the challenges you can present to the interns that will help build that confidence. You will be glad now and in the future that you did!

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