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How Color Psychology Can Give Your Company Logo An Edge

Are you working to create an impressive, memorable logo for your legal website? If you are, you may want to look at color psychology. People have strong associations with certain colors. If you use these associations to your advantage, you’ll be able to create a logo that reflects positively on your brand.

Learn What Different Colors Mean To People

People tend to associate the color green with money. People associate yellow with sunshine and happiness. People associate red with anger, but they also associate it with power. People often associate the color blue with relaxation.  While this might sound completely arbitrary and contrived, there is conclusive evidence that the human brain associates color with emotion.

If you learn what colors mean to people, you’ll be able to find colors that are the right fit for your company. The colors you select for your logo should send a message to customers. Study color psychology so that you can control the message that you’re sending.

Show Caution When Combining Colors

The way people perceive colors changes when certain colors are combined. For example, when the colors red and green appear together, people tend to associate them with Christmas. People associate orange and black with Halloween.

You need to think twice before combining colors. Think about how the combination you are using will alter the image you are sending. You should also be careful not to use too many colors. Generally, you should have fewer than three colors in a logo. Too many colors can be overwhelming. You only need a little bit of color to make your logo stand out.

As you can see, color psychology can really give your company logo an edge. If you’re in the process of creating a logo for your blog or website, you should try to learn a little bit more about color psychology. If you study colors and what they mean, you’ll be able to create some incredible things.

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