Pay Per Click — 14 June 2017
How Pay Per Click Can Bring You Faster Leads

There is a very delicate balance in legal marketing when it comes to optimizing your website to bring in search traffic, and investing in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.  While it is a goal of every website to rank high on search engines, the fact is that only a few pages can get onto the first page of Google.  This takes years of optimizing your site, adding content, and creating a diverse backlink history to your site.  In many ways, getting to the top of the organic search results can be more expensive than simply buying PPC ads in the first place.  Here are some ways PPC can save you time and bring leads to your site:

PPC Guarantees You Will Show Up In Search Engine Results

It is one thing to hope that you show up on Google organic results, but it is a whole different subject entirely with PPC.  If you tell Google you want to spend a certain amount of money on ads, Google will make sure that you show up enough and spend the right amount per-ad to hit your budget.  By putting yourself above organic results on the keywords you want to pay for, you often get the first shot at landing a client who is looking for a lawyer.  If your website is helpful enough and allows easy access to a contact page or phone number, you can turn a click into a client.  If your budget for PPC is, say, $3000, and you get a solid lead every month, it is oftentimes worth it in spades.

PPC Can Help You Advertise Over The Competition

If you decide to invest in PPC ads for a site like Yelp, your ads will be displayed while people are browsing the pages of competitors.  On top of this, PPC users will not have their pages full of ads from competitors.  In the right areas, PPC can not only give you business, it can squash the business of the competition.  Even if they grow wise to it and start advertising themselves, you can get a head start on more business by getting on PPC before the competition.  While this isn’t the same case for PPC on Google, it does help to have your results shown first even if a competitor ranks higher organically.

PPC Gives You Exact Data

While SEO is crucial for marketing a law firm online, one of its flaws lies in its reliance on guesses and precedent to determine what direction to optimize a website.  With PPC, on the other hand, every bit of data you could ever want is at your (or your online marketer’s) fingertips.  If a certain keyword is getting too expensive and isn’t generating enough leads, you can stop paying for it whenever you want to.  This means you can shift your strategy whenever you want, which isn’t necessarily possible with other types of marketing.  You can double down on successful areas and lay off of unsuccessful areas with the click of a button, and see the profit quickly follow.

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