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Design Elements Critical For Any Attorney Website

The fact that you are reading a post on this site is evidence enough that you have an interest in attorney marketing and website design.  If you have looked around at some attorney websites recently, you will have probably noticed that they all have some crucial design elements to them.  While no two websites are exactly alike, it is important to notice the aspects of website design that lead to a more successful practice.

Easily Accessible Phone Number and Address

Your site could be the most beautiful, well-optimized page in the entire internet, but that wouldn’t do anything for you if you can’t use your website to leverage for potential leads.  By having a phone number that is present in your background, footer, and within the text, you will give users plenty of opportunities to call your firm while at any point on the screen.  Users can also call your firm straight from the website if they are browsing on mobile.  Attorney websites are all about converting clicks into customers, so you need to give users every reason to call you.

Pictures of Attorney and Staff

This is a subject area that can get pretty tough when designing websites for smaller firms.  Oftentimes, newer and smaller firms like to give off the impression that they’re big firms when that simply isn’t the case.  They think that if they show that they only have one or two attorneys, clients will be turned off from using them for legal counsel.  While this can definitely be true, it is definitely worse to pretend that you are a big firm and then reveal that you are a one or two man operation when the client comes in for a consultation.  Attorneys can sometimes get a bad rap for being shady and dishonest, showing clients your photos can display that those are the people who are going to help you win your case.  Putting your name and photo onto something is an additional stamp of approval that can lead to more conversions on your site.

Contact Forms or Chat Engines

As you have probably gathered at this point, conversions are the name of the game when it comes to law firm websites.  While having your phone number on the website is kind of a no-brainer, many lawyers don’t consider that many people are looking for lawyers outside of business hours, or maybe they’re pressed for time while doing so.  Giving users the option of submitting a contact form or chatting with a support agent can answer their questions and begin the process of becoming their legal consult.  On top of this, contact forms can save you from dealing with clients who have questions that your firm can’t answer or doesn’t want to spend time answering.  Contact forms and chat engines increase efficiency and leads for law firms – if that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is.


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