Legal Marketing — 21 June 2017
3 Effective Law Firm Marketing Techniques

A large mistake many lawyers make while running their business is not devoting enough resources to their marketing efforts.  While it might seem like a waste of time at first, the time you put towards marketing your firm will pay off in spades once your marketing strategy gets running.  While not every firm has the capital or manpower to fund huge marketing campaigns, there are three key techniques that any law firm can focus on that will make their web presence lead to more leads.  Whether you do these things yourself or find a marketing company to do them for you, here are three relatively low-budget techniques to better market your firm.

Write A Legal Blog

There are a number of reasons why law blogs are so important.  First of all, it provides content for your website, which helps you rank up in Google.  On top of this, law blogs can answer questions that prospective clients might have, and allow you to display your knowledge of a particular subject area.  Blogs are great for maintaining social media pages, as social media users are more likely to click on a blog than they are a generic link to your website.  All in all, one or two blog posts a month keeps your website fresh, for example, has a blog that keeps users coming back.

Network With Everyone You Know

It might sound obvious, but a lot of lawyers don’t truly understand how valuable law in-person marketing can be for the long-term success of your firm.  Something as simple as telling clients to refer you, or asking former law school colleagues if they have any referrals can be the difference between swimming in cases and having nothing to work on.  By casting a wide net, you will be able to draw in a few clients in ways you wouldn’t have thought possible.  Something as simple as grabbing coffee with your real estate agent after closing your house can turn into a networking opportunity as long as you handle yourself professionally and don’t try too hard to get a case out of someone.  At the end of the day, being a pleasant person and doing a good job at work is the most important part of this process – no one wants to refer to someone they had an unpleasurable experience with.

Track As Much Data As Possible

People often mistake marketing for advertising and believe that marketing is a creative process used to generate buzz around your product.  Marketing does have an element of creativity in it, but in reality, it is all about data.  You can make the best, most thought-provoking commercial of all time, but if it doesn’t generate you any leads, it actually did nothing for your firm.  While SEO and Google Analytics are not as flashy as television ads, the fact that they are based on the internet means that you can track as much data as possible.  Setting up call tracking software for your firm can show you how many people called you from your website, which gives you even more data than simply how many people clicked on your site.  Explore every avenue that you can to find more data because that data can help you earn more leads in the future.

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