Practice Management — 14 May 2017
How To Retain Clients After Your Law Firm Breaks Up

There are only two things in life that are inevitable – death and paying taxes. But in the world of law firms there a third inevitability: the dreaded law firm break up. When a law firm breaks up there are several processes that have to happen, everything from re-branding your website to fixing letter heads on stationery. But the most important aspect when a law firm breaks up is to maintain client retention. The last thing anyone wants is all your clients to jump ship with your now ex-partner. Here’s a few ways to make sure your clients stay:

Make Clients Feel Special Right Away!

When a client is dealing with a large law firm usually they will have a main lawyer as their point of contact. But do not let that lawyer be the only person in contact with them while they are doing business with your firm. Make sure that other lawyers or even paralegals reach out and make them feel that multiple people are handling their legal issue. That way, in the event of their main point of contact leaving for a rival law firm, they have a reason to stay with your law firm and not follow their old lawyer to his or her new firm.

Make Your Clients Become Friends With Each Other  

One way to get client loyalty is to help them not just with their legal services but with other areas of their life as well. Every single one of your clients has a profession. Even if they have a different lawyer handling their case, see if there are any clients that you can match together who can benefit from each other’s services. A strategic way to do this is by having a networking event where all your clients can meet each other (and also talk about how fabulous the lawyers in your firm are).  

Scope Out the New Law Firm

One reason why clients would be likely to follow your defunct law partner is that the new firm they are going to offer more services. There’s no harm in calling their clients and asking them if there are any other legal issues that they might need help with that you don’t normally offer. You can refer them to trusted attorneys you’ve worked with before or you can handle it yourself. By going the extra mile, they will be more likely to stay with your firm.  

Reach Out To Inactive Clients

Sometimes clients do not need your services at the present moment, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. You should follow up with them and see if they are in need of your services or why they haven’t used your law firm in a while. Perhaps you can gain insight on your customer service or find out if they were dissatisfied in any way that prevented them from being a repeat customer. You can take their advice and implement it to ensure that you aren’t making the same mistakes.
When in doubt, it’s your main job to treat the client as if they are the client of the law firm, not just the individual lawyer they’ve been dealing with. That way, in the event that particular lawyer leaves, they remain loyal to the firm.  

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