Client Retention — 10 May 2017
How Podcasts Can Help Relieve Client Anxiety

One of the biggest sources of anxiety for clients is whether or not they hired the right lawyer for the job.  Even though they made the decision to hire your firm, they may still inundate you with questions and raise concern with every move you decide to make if they don’t truly trust you.  Lawyers are always looking for ways to soothe their clients’ minds and ensure that they are doing the best job possible with the clients’ interests in mind.  One way to flex your legal muscles and relieve your clients’ anxiety is by starting a legal podcast.  By having a legal podcast with valuable information and expert guests, you can display what you bring to the table as a legal professional.

A question many potential clients have regarding lawyers is their history with winning or settling cases.  When they ask, you can tell them about a big case you won.  That is a great step because it establishes experience and credibility.  However, if you tell them that you won a big case and you talked about it in a podcast with a fellow member of your legal team, clients will be able to get an in-depth look at the process you undergo to score results.  However, it is important that you do not go too into the personal details of any case, and that you get the permission of any former clients who were involved with cases you discuss.

Another goal that podcasts help you accomplish is establishing your brand.  Your podcast will create content for your website, your YouTube page, and all of your social pages.  It will allow you to constantly churn out content that isn’t just written, which will set you apart from law firms who are only willing to post a text-only blog once or twice a month.  Once your brand is built even more, clients will be much more at ease when they hire your firm.  They will see, hear, and read all of the amazing things you have done as a lawyer.  As your podcast catalog goes, you will be easily able to answer clients’ questions easier, as you will continually cover more topics.

Here is where podcasting can truly set you apart: any lawyers claim to work in many fields of law, but only have actual experience in one or two fields.  We have all seen the “personal injury/medical malpractice/divorce/patent” lawyers out there, and most people know to keep away from them.  Clients will have no question as to whether you are truly an expert in the fields you claim on your website if you have a podcast to back yourself up.  Anyone can say they practice personal injury law, but not many lawyers upload podcasts about their experiences in the field.

For more information on starting a podcast, check out this video:


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