Video — 31 May 2017
Creating Digestible Videos For Potential Clients Can Lead To Success

There are many techniques that law firms can use to make their web presence truly stand out from the competition.  While we have touched on some of these methods in the past, one of the best ways is to create easily digestible videos.   Many law firms create videos as an advertising or SEO tool, which is great, but if you’re going to make the videos, you might as well make them digestible for as wide an audience as possible.

What Is A Digestible Video?

When we use the word “digestible,” we mean that you want videos that anyone can take in and understand.  You want to avoid complex legal terms and phrases whenever possible, and keep all of your content simple.  Instead of talking in-depth about a big money case and its implications on the legal precedent of that district, you might want to consider talking about how a case you handle generally goes.  Talk about the consultation process, how you communicate throughout your time with your client, and when they can expect results.  Then, at the end, mention how this process worked with a big money case.  You can still work in the fact that you have earned a ton of money for your clients, but you do so while creating a video that makes sense to someone without a legal degree.

What Goes Into Digestible Videos?

There are two things you generally want in every video for your law firm: a success story and a call to action.  The subject matter of the video can vary greatly, whether you want it to be a firm overview, a lawyer profile, or anything in between, but you always want to include a success story and a call to action.  This is because you always want to remind potential clients that you are successful and that you are available for hire.  It is also important to keep videos short and to the point.  While you might find personal injury law a subject fascinating enough to spend a career in, clients might not think the same.  A five-minute video that flexes your legal muscle and presents you as a legal authority is all you need to create a digestible video – don’t overthink things.

How Does This Lead To Success?

There are so many lawyers available on the internet that people are always a click away from the competition.  By providing a call to action in the video and a link to your website in the description, you can draw potential clients to your site and away from YouTube, where there are several other lawyers fighting for your competition.  On top of this, it is hard to display a deep knowledge of a subject area on a simple site page.  Linking a video of one of your firm’s attorney discussing the practice area adds a level of dedication to the subject that simple text cannot display.  Think about it this way: if a picture is worth 1000 words, how many words is a video worth?  If you can even get one client to request a consultation after watching a video, it has done its job.

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