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Benefits of Having A Website For Your Law Firm

Law can be a very antiquated profession at times.  Since older lawyers rule the boardrooms of bigger firms, change can sometimes happen slower than almost every industry around it.  Take a look at their offices: while more and more businesses shift towards casual work environments, law firms are still committed to the suit-and-tie corporate structure that they were 50 years ago.  In the same vein, many law firms were hesitant to invest in websites for their firms at first, because they assumed that they wouldn’t add enough business to justify the cost.  Once you look at all of the good things websites can accomplish for your firm, however, we hope that you can see some of the real benefits of having a website for your law firm.

Websites Are An Interactive Portfolio For Your Firm

If your law firm has had some successful cases, or clients willing to promote your services, a website can really bring your firm to the next level.  When people are looking for firms to hire, they are looking for results.  Nothing else really matters at the end of the day.  If they come across your firm in a catalog or directory, and there is no tangible data to back up your claim that you are a great lawyer, they might not even give you a call.  However, if they are on your website, and they see that you have won several high-profile cases and received great testimonials from former clients, they will almost certainly give you a call.  Even if their case isn’t worth as much as those listed on your site, clients definitely take comfort in hiring lawyers who have experience navigating high-pressure situations.  Showing people your successes, as opposed to telling them over the phone, can make a huge difference when clients decide which firm to hire.

Websites Allow For Maximum Accessibility

Most, if not all, legal websites have chat or contact form features that allow clients to submit inquiries during non-office hours.  Even if you do not get back to them until the next day, beginning the contact process will draw people into your firm.  On top of this, your phone number will be placed on the website, so clients stopping by during office hours can give you a call on the spot.  Taking phone calls and allowing potential clients to submit forms can reduce the number of consultations that lead to nothing for your firm.  You increase your accessibility and reduce the time spent on bad leads… sounds like a win-win.

Websites Answer Clients’ Questions

We all know about the clients who will simply not stop nagging you with legal questions that no one has time for.  They are just trying to look out for themselves, but at a certain point, the client needs to trust that the professional they hired will do their job correctly.  One way to curb these annoying and time-consuming interactions is by posting an FAQ page or video FAQs to your website.  FAQs answer questions that clog up your phone lines and office space, and ease clients’ minds at the same time.  A measure that both makes your office more efficient and makes your clients happier is, dare I say, a win-win.  On top of this, a weekly or bi-weekly law blog can make clients feel as if they are still in touch with you, even if they are not directly talking to you.  If you do not have the time to write a blog, there are plenty of firms who can do it for you, or maybe you finally found something for the intern to do!

For more reasons on why websites are great for your business, check out the video below:

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