Legal Marketing — 21 April 2017
How Videos Are Changing The Game For Law Firms


In the modern age of legal marketing, methods that used to put savvy law firms way ahead of others are slowly turning into the norm.  Every law firm has a website, most law firms are listed on directories, and a good number of them use some type of search engine optimization metric to determine how well their online marketing is working.  

Now more than ever, it is important to differentiate your firm from the competition.  Simply having a  website is not enough nowadays.  Once you get people to your site, you need to have a way of cashing in on that click.  One of the best ways to not only get people to interact with your site but boost your metrics and possibly even spread what they saw with others, is through video.  

This brings us back to the title: how exactly are videos changing the game, you ask?  Here is how.

Videos Show Lawyers In Action

After talking to a successful lawyer for a few minutes, it is usually pretty easy to see how they entered the legal profession.  Lawyers ooze confidence and knowledge, and every word out of their mouths has years of studying and practicing vouching for it.  

Seeing a lawyer talk is significantly different than reading something they wrote for their website.  If you record and perform the video correctly, potential clients will see you not just as a bunch of words and names on a screen; but a fully functioning firm of educated, confident professionals.  

Instead of simply having a “Practice Area” section of your website that tells potential clients what you know, you can show them what you know in a video.  Being able to turn complex legal jargon into something someone without a law degree can understand is a huge portion of being a lawyer.  Show everyone your skills by discussing legal matters in a video.

Video Links Are Valuable

Search engine optimization is all about building links to your website.  Putting a video about a relevant topic on YouTube is not only good for the eyes and ears of potential clients, but also for how you rank on Google.  Linking your website in a Youtube description, then putting that video on your website, opens your website up to being found on Google Video searches.

If you don’t understand how huge that is, put it this way: your website can now be found twice as often on Google: through a traditional web search and on a video search.  This isn’t even accounting for the people who might click on your site after seeing the video on YouTube.

With that in mind, we definitely suggest that you consider adding a video element to your online marketing strategy.  While there is definitely an upfront cost to creating a video campaign, it truly does pay for itself in the long run.  Just check out some of the most popular legal videos on YouTube – some videos from normal law firms like yours get over 60,000 views.

That means there were 60,000 people who were a click away from their website.  Talk about a game changer.

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