Attorney Websites — 27 April 2017
How Sharing Case Results Can Help Your Website

So you received your law degree, gained your experience, started your own practice, and now your are winning cases.  While it might feel like you have the world at your hands, your work is far from done.  Winning cases is quite obviously the most important aspect of being a successful lawyer, but that means nothing if you don’t market yourself.  

Case Results Validate Your Website’s Claims

Marketing without successful cases is like going to court without evidence – it’s not a good look.  Legal websites often portray lawyers as champions of law and society (we don’t think that is wrong), but what good does that do?  Telling people that you are a great lawyer, showing them is another.  Putting case results in your newsletter backs up everything potential and current clients alike might have read about your practice.  Instead of branding yourself as a personal injury lawyer, you can brand yourself as a personal injury lawyer with over  ___ dollars won.  When presented with those two options, potential clients will often choose the lawyer with proven results.

Current Case Results Show You Are An Active Lawyer

If you are a relatively new practice, sometimes it is hard to prove that you are actively helping clients day in and day out.  If people visit your website and see that you graduated law school in 1993, and you provide no context for what happened between 1993 and now, they might think you are a lawyer who can’t get cases, let alone win them.  While this is probably not the case, people have many options for legal counsel, so you can’t give them a reason to not choose you.  Updating your website and newsletter with recent case results will show clients that you are busy and successful: two adjectives that describe a lawyer people want to hire.

Case Results Give Potential Clients A Taste Of Your Firm

Using the personal injury lawyer example from before, it might be hard for a potential client to figure out what level of personal injury law you have tangible experience with.  Sure, your website can say that you handle wrongful death lawsuits, but showing your clients a case in that area of law shows them that you are comfortable working with their specific case.  There are some lawyers out there who won’t turn down a case, and their inexperience doesn’t show until it is too late.  People are always trying to avoid those types of lawyers, so showing case results can help develop your “niche” as a lawyer and build your case profile even further.

Law, as you probably know, is all about building a case.  Nowadays, with every other law firm in your area just a click away, the case can oftentimes be stacked against you when it comes to earning new clients.  Showing case results is a way to put concrete evidence of your success on your website, which is invaluable in building your firm’s brand.

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