Attorney Websites — 07 April 2011
Including Videos on Your Law Firm’s Website

With advances in technology, television and video are found everywhere: in the elevator of your office building, backseat of a NYC taxi and even on the treadmill. But should video be found on your law firm’s website?  Yes, in some cases, videos can help you connect more effectively with website visitors. Below is a list of the top five types of videos you should think about adding to your firm’s website and also a few you should avoid at all costs.

Attorney Introduction: Your website should be a median through which prospective clients can get to know more about the firm and the attorneys. Show just how personable your staff is by including videos of them with a brief introduction of who they are and perhaps their favorite part of the job.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials from happy clients can be a great selling tool. Website visitors are trying to find out whether you can get the job done.  Video of real-life, satisfied clients telling their stories and reinforcing how wonderful your firm was in their time of legal difficulty can speak volumes.

News clips: Your website should also serve to establish your firm as an authority in your areas or practice. If you’ve been featured on any local news stations, be sure to post these clips. These videos can showcase your expertise.

Seminars: If you frequently conduct seminars or workshops for clients or colleagues, you might consider having these professionally recorded and added to your website. Like quality content, these videos can educate site visitors and demonstrate the need for an experienced attorney.

Ask the attorney: Perhaps, you haven’t been featured on any news programs and you don’t hold seminars which you can record. That’s quite alright. Get creative and think of producing your own little interview segment. You may consider posting a video once a month where you answer one of the most frequent questions you get from clients.

And now for the videos you should not include on your attorney website:

Tours of your office: It does not matter if you’ve spent a million dollars to artistically decorate your office, a video tour of the suite and/ or building does not belong on your firm’s website. Unless you also double as a real estate agent, don’t include such videos.

Television commercials:  Law firms will often include television commercials, which have already aired, on their websites. This is generally a bad idea. For television viewers who went to your site because of your advertising, it’s repetitive. For everyone else, it provides little information that can’t be found elsewhere on the site.  If your firm does have a television commercial which provides valuable information to prospective clients, you might consider including it on the “About Firm” page or even a designated “Videos” page.

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